Inspired to serve in the domain of HR services and a determination to excel, Inspire undertakes to partner client organizations to service their entire gamut of Human Resource needs.

Search Process

I. Understand Client and their requirements

To determine the best strategy for the search, we commence with a thorough assessment of an institution's structure, strategic goals, culture, and leadership needs, the macro industry outlook, , operational styles, challenges facing the organization and prepare a position specification in terms of

  • Education qualification, Skills, Experience
  • Responsibilities and expectations the position entails
  • Understand the level of urgency
  • Level of confidentiality
  • Compensation
  • Obtain the sample resumes of the two most recent successful hires

II. Determine how to successfully present new opportunities to candidates

  • Strategize how to get the best candidates excited by the prospect of enhancing their career with an opportunity with a new employer.

III. Research target Companies and Candidates

  • Identify companies with viable candidates
  • Submit targeted companies to client and understand conflicting issues like no poaching agreements cross holdings or any other relation

IV. Contact target candidates with position specifications

  • Contact target candidates with the position specification to find out their interest and requesting them to send their updated profile.

V. Progress Review

  • We provide appropriate progress reports and communicate with clients based on their preference and timetable. These reviews include assessments of general findings, candidate interest and reaction to the position, and any other outstanding issues to be addressed.

VI. Telephonic interview with the interested candidates to ascertain following things

  • Do they have the appropriate background?
  • Are they willing to change jobs for the right opportunity?
  • Determine if candidate's career goals will be satisfied by client's opportunity

VII. Arranging Interview

  • Arrange first telephone, face-to-face or videoconference interviews with client at mutually convenient time

VIII. Prepare Candidate for the interview

  • Prepare candidates for first interview with respect to company or hiring authority's issues and concerns.

IX. Prepare client for interview

  • Prepare client for first interview by discussing candidate's issues and concerns

X. Professionally release the rejected candidates

XI. Arrange future interviews

  • Prepare client for interview and discuss applicable issues and concerns of the short listed candidates.

XII. Reference check

  • Carry out in-depth reference check and educational verification to client, upon request.

XIII. Earning verification and offer negotiation

  • Verify earnings and negotiate offer to be offered to ensure satisfaction of the parties.

XIV. Extend verbal offer to candidate on behalf of client and relay acceptance of offer to client.

XV. Client releases the formal offer

XVI. Manage transition

  • After an offer is made and accepted, we develop and manage a transition process to enable the successful candidate and hiring institution to begin working productively together by offering necessary affiliated services to the new hire for relocation based on client requirement.

XVII Verify Project Completion

  • Based on a successful end to the assignment, Inspire seeks verification from the client that all has been satisfactory and that the job is complete
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