Inspired to serve in the domain of HR services and a determination to excel, Inspire undertakes to partner client organizations to service their entire gamut of Human Resource needs.

Our Services

We provide the following services to enable our clients to be winners and enable them work on their core competence:

  1. Executive Search and Permanent Staffing
  2. Staff Augmentation and Contract Staffing
  3. Contract-to-Hire Services
  4. Dedicated Recruiter as a SERVICE
  5. Dormant Resume Database Screening and Validation Services
  6. Advertisement Response Management
  7. On-Demand Interview or Screening Expert Panels
  8. Insta IT Joiners
  9. Flexi HR Manager for SMEs
  10. Startup Support Services

Executive Search and Permanent Staffing:

We specialize in executive search and selling. We connect with the right talent, no matter where they are, and ensure that the right talent joins your team. We have expertise in various business domains, sectors, functions and environments. We are up-to-date with the current trends and keep in touch with key executives to stay networked and connected. We have high professional expertise when it comes to mapping your requirements to capability of potential suitable search.  All our efforts are aimed to bring the desired positive impact for our customers. To ensure credibility of the candidate, our team does an employment, educational and criminal background checks.

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Staff Augmentation and Contract Staffing:

We help our clients’ ramp up manpower for those short term or ad hoc positions where they find it difficult hire full time employees. Our contract staffing solutions offer for quick turn-around of your staffing needs. This will help you cut waiting time for resources, hiring costs and huge in-house training setups. In a contract staffing scenario, the employee is on our payroll. So you are spared of all the internal employee costs like HR processing, finance costs like payroll, insurance and tax processing, training costs and any separation costs.

We have an excellent team of well trained and experienced recruiters with special skills to seek out temporary job seekers profiles in the IT Services and other Industrial /Services sectors. Each prospective recruit is individually screened by our recruiter for validity of claims. Only then is a profile passed on to you for your final approval. We ensure that you spend less time in the selection process and thus providing you quality time to achieve your Business Goals.

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Contract-to-Hire Services:

Do you have very specific requirements which you think the market does not have to offer right away?

Do you find that your people need to be trained and evaluated before a permanent on-boarding process?

You could opt for the contract-to-hire option. Under this option, you can train and evaluate the person we provide for a period of six months, and if the candidate is found suitable, you can convert him to a permanent employee. Even during the initial resume screening, we inform the candidate of the nature of the engagement and select only those candidates who agree to the arrangement.

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Dedicated Recruiter as a SERVICE:

Outsourcing your Recruitment Needs:
nspire Consultancy services acts as your internal recruitment function for a portion or all of its jobs. We manage the entire recruiting process from job profiling through the on-boarding of the new hire, including staff, technology and reporting. We not only improve your time to hire but also increase the quality of the candidate pool, provide verifiable metrics, reduce cost and improve governmental compliance.

We help you outsource your screening and sourcing process by helping you find the right personnel at a lower cost of operations. You pay only for the duration of our services i.e. only during your hiring season. This helps you with the following:

  1. Reduce costs on having a dedicated recruitment team (and maintaining them through out the year)
  2. A fixed cost irrespective of the number of hires (you can get out of agreements which tie you down to costs based on number of people on-boarded and drive recruitment discipline in your organization)
  3. Avoid costs on space, administrative and IT management (Save your office space for a revenue earning employee rather than a cost-adding recruiter)
  4. Avoid costs on fees for Job Portals (let us use our portal licenses and save your budget)
  5. Let your HR focus on Policy making, retention and re-skilling (we will get you Quality resumes from popular job portals).

How the process works:

  • You provide us your timeline for hiring.
  • We provide you one or more recruiters based on your demand and for your required duration.
  • Our recruiter puts advertisements in major job portals with either your company's name or ours (the choice is yours), screens the profiles, does background checks and schedules interviews with the candidates.
  • Your interviewers pick the right candidates from a focused list of applicants.
  • Irrespective of the number of hires, you pay only for the duration the recruiter worked for you. You can collate your future needs and avail of our services any time in the future, again for the duration you want.

You incur the same cost irrespective of the number of candidates / profiles screened and number of candidates selected. You pay only for the duration of the recruiter’s engagement. Based on the need, you can extend the services of the recruiter on a monthly basis. This model is of advantage to you when you are in the need to onboard a large number of candidates during a peak recruitment period or during a time when your organization is in the Growth Phase.

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Dormant Resume Database Screening and Validation Services:

You might have accumulated thousands of resumes in your HR database which are outdated. We have recruiters who are experienced on various skills. Based on your recruitment needs, Inspire Consultancy provides you one or more dedicated recruiter(s) from our pool, for the period of time you desire (minimum of one month engagement needed, extendable in one-month intervals). The recruiter screens the profiles and validates the screened resumes from your existing database. Our recruiter then calls up the candidates to find if the candidates have the right skills and experience, and are willing to join your Organization.

Advantages to you:

  • You do not have to pay for the services of an recruitment database vendor – you are reusing your own assets.
  • Since the candidates would have approached you in the first place, their loyalty levels would be higher than a new candidate who did not have your company on their job radar.

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Advertisement Response Management:

Have you ever found the need to advertise your job needs in renowned newspapers and Job Portals, but found it too overwhelming to deal with the logistics (taking the incoming call load, booking the hotels / venue and equipment for the interview process) and managing the people inflow?  We can guide and help you with that.

Especially, during a peak recruitment season, our company can help you with reserving a place for the Walk-in Interviews, manning the stalls, get the right recruiters to screen the CVs, pass them to your HR and interview panel for approval and further processing, collate the results and roll out offer letters to selected candidates.  This can be done in either of the two approaches below:

a. On the Spot Screening

We screen the resumes of the respondents to a Walk-in event at the venue itself. We go through their paper or electronic resumes, pre-check their documents to verify their credentials, identify the right people for the next round (Written tests / Group discussions / interviews) and pass them on to your team.  Your team then processes them further and decides on the right fit. Our team can help with rolling out of the offer letters.

b. Online / Backend Screening

If your Walk-in event specifies a cutoff time for receipt of the applications, our team can screen the resumes and forward the right ones for attendance to the walk-in and an interview call. This way, you can have a more focused turn-out at the recruitment event. Our team can help you at the walk-in event with document verification and roll-out of the offer.  This way, your internal teams can focus more on internal business goals, while Inspire Consultancy helps you organize the once-in-a-year recruitment events.

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On-Demand Interview or Screening Expert Panels:

Do you have a challenge getting the right interview panel on a weekend, especially when candidates are available for interviews only during the weekend?  We can help you with that. We provide you qualified interview panel for your required skills on the weekend. You specify the panel requirements and the desired skills and we set them up for you – on demand. This Service can also be utilized for  Job openings which highly confidential  or in a situation where your organization doesn’t have required expertise to assess the right candidate.

Insta IT Joiners: 

You typically would have business opportunities which can materialize only if the resources join you in short time span of 7 to 15 days . We regularly keep track of experienced resources who are available to join your team in the shortest possible time. We have ready to join candidates in Java, Dotnet and Testing. For more details, contact us.

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Flexi HR Manager for SMEs:

SMEs, during their initial years, need not saddle themselves with the entire costs and processes of a large organization. Inspire Consultancy can help them during their growth path by providing support for HR processes. SMEs save of two important aspects:

  1. The time to setup the business: One function less to hire means time saved on all recruitment related functions
  2. The cost of hiring and maintaining a function which might not have full-time work. Operational expenses can be optimized and focused towards achieving business goals, thus keeping a tab also on any interest costs.

We support the following services:

  1. Consultation for HR Policy making
  2. Consultation for Legal terms with relation to Labour Laws
  3. Hiring services for Permanent and Contract Staff
  4. Managing the employee on-boarding and off-boarding process, as required
  5. Consultation for internal and external training
  6. Consultation on outsourcing for Financial Book keeping, Tax compliance, Payroll processing, Legal Services
  7. Additional support services tailored to your specific operational needs.

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Startup Support Services: 

Incorporation and Incubation - How to kick-start your Operations in India
Have you been dreaming of starting your own business or expanding your operations across India, but do not have the right contacts to help you with the set up and consultation process?  Inspire consultancy has helped quite a few budding entrepreneurs to realize their dreams by helping them incorporate their operations and incubate their startups in India and hand-holding them during their growth phase. Once their operations were stabilized, we trained the internal personnel on control points and handed over full control to them. Not only has the model worked successfully but has also delivered long term results for the start ups availing this service.

  • Consulting for Taxation
  • Consulting for FEMA
  • Accounting (Book-keeping)
  • Registration with various departments (like VAT, Service Tax, Central Excise, DGDFT, Professional Tax, PAN, TAN)
  • Regular filing with various department, Internal Audit, Statutory Audit and Annual filing with Registrar of Companies and Income Tax

We provide Continuous Consulting and Support for all the services offered above. For more details, contact us.

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